How YOU can Help Grad Nite to be Successful

Grad Nite relies on parents from all classes to help create a successful, fun and safe Grad Nite for our senior class. See below for specific job descriptions for parents from each class. If you have other ideas of how to help, please contact a member of our board!

Freshman and Sophomore Parents


Assist with check-in and security in the gym the night of graduation. Volunteers check in the students and assist them in signing up for buses and having dinner in the quad before they depart for the venue. Volunteers work approximately 4 hours and receive a free dinner prior to their volunteer shift.

Junior Parents


Assist as chaperones at the Grad Nite event. Parents will ride buses to the venue, with two parents per bus (so bring a friend!) and stay the entire night at the venue. Volunteers do not need to provide security, but will assist by keeping an eye on the kids, as well as have the opportunity to enjoy food and drinks at the venue. There is a quiet area to rest, but be advised that it is a long night, although it goes by quickly. Volunteers are also responsible for insuring that all their assigned kids are on the bus for the ride back to school, and arrive back at approximately 6AM. After that, the job is done. Dinner will be provided prior to leaving with the kids for the venue. This is a great way to preview what your kids will be experiencing their senior year.

Senior Parents


Serve on the Grad Nite Board to plan and run Grad Nite. You can participate in decisions regarding the venue, prizes and the senior gifts. For senior parents not able to serve on the Board, assistance is needed the morning after Grad Nite (you need to pick up your student anyway, since the kids are not allowed to drive home after staying up all night). Volunteers help with diploma distribution, returning confiscated items, distributing the senior gifts, and passing out prizes to those who won them in the raffles. The more parents that volunteer, the faster it goes. Volunteers need to be at school by 5:15AM; the kids arrive at approximately 6AM. In past years, we have been done in 45 minutes with lots of helpers.



We welcome all donations of goods and money, from families and from corporations. MVHSGradNite is a legal non-profit organization. We can provide you with a donation letter with our tax-id. Gift cards are also appreciated; they can be used as raffle prizes for the graduates, or even to purchase goodies for the night of the event.

We encourage all parents to step up and get involved in this fun, worthwhile event. You will be glad you did. All are welcome!

Email for more information.