GradNite is an all-night celebration for all MVHS graduates in a drug and alcohol free environment. This is an annual tradition at MVHS—every graduate who participates will never forget this special night. This party is organized by parent volunteers as a safe and sane alternative to private graduation parties.

MVHS Grad Nite REFUND Policy: No Refunds will be given after March 1, 2020. A request for a refund must be made in writing by the parent/guardian of the student, regardless who purchased the ticket. All refunds require approval by the Grad Nite Board of Directors. Each request will be evaluated based upon the merit and timing of the request.

Why attend Grad Nite? Statistics show that the night after graduation is one of the most dangerous in a young person's life. Grad Nite demonstrates that a safe, drug and alcohol-free celebration with friends is both possible and great fun.

Where are they going? Why can't I know? The location of your Grad Nite is secret for security reasons. Keeping the location secret enables us to control the venue, ensuring that only our graduates and chaperones attend. The closely held secret location also provides an element of surprise and mystique that adds to the graduates' experience. The board has chosen a very exciting location!

What can graduates bring to Grad Nite? Just themselves, and their student ID card. Since everything is provided at the venue, no money is needed; hence there is no need for a wallet or purse. Casual clothing and a light jacket is advised. NO CAR KEYS!! Please drop off and pick up your Grads. They are not allowed to drive themselves home after the event.All that graduates are allowed to bring is their MVHS ASB/Student ID card (PLEASE BRING TO CHECK-IN) and a camera. Cell phones are prohibited, even to use as a camera at the event. Please have your graduate leave their other belongings with you before check-in. We will be able to safely store their personal belongings at check-in if needed.

What about medications? Please download the Medical Form from our website, or contact the GradNite committee for a copy. You can mail it in or drop it in the GradNite box located in the MVHS office.

Why are the graduates not allowed to bring cell phones? For security related reasons cell phones are not allowed. This prevents graduates from calling friends from the venue who might then try to "crash" the event.

Why can't they drive themselves home in the morning? A driver that has been up all night is impaired similarly to being intoxicated. Our goal is to keep our new graduates safe. We will confiscate keys during check-in. Please drop off your graduate and plan on picking him/her up at 6AM.

What about my child with disabilities or special needs? We want all seniors to join in the fun, so please contact us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate them too.

What does it cost to attend GradNite? If you purchase your ticket at Diablo Daze, the price is discounted to $175. After Diablo Daze (on August 31), the price goes up to $190. On February 1, the price increases to $210. On June 1, 2020, the price increases to $225 per student and tickets are subject to availability. Please see the Combo: Ticket & Agreement Form for more information. 100% of these funds go toward the event.

The cost to attend is a financial hardship right now. How can my student go? Our goal is 100% attendance. If the cost to attend is a financial hardship, please contact a board member for a confidential discussion. In addition to buying your ticket early to save, we now offer PayPal as an alternative. We also accept major credit cards.

Privacy:  All information shared with MVHS GradNite is considered and treated as confidential, including e-mail addresses, other contact information and banking information.